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   Lewis had just gotten off of school and was walking home. He was a normal 15-year old like anyone else. He had no idea what was going to happen to him, though. He had just got off for the day and he was walking home. His friend had been sick that day, so he was alone. Suddenly, something caused him to go flying.
   "AHHH!!!" He yelled as an explosion sent him flying. He had been sent flying 10 feet back and now the place he was just standing was a smokeing crater. As Lewis stood up, his face was twisted in pain. He walked up to the crater and saw a strange stone laying there.
   "What's this?" Lewis said to himself. He saw the strange stone, and it seemed to be glowing a strange sickly green color. He picked the strange stone up, but as he did, it disentigrated, the dust assorbing into his hand. Spooked out, Lewis ran to his house. The rest of his day was prety normal.

   The next day, Lewis woke up, but something was off. As he brushed his teath, he saw thay had become fangs. "What in the world?" He muttered in exasperation. He managed to eat breakfast without his parents noticeing. He made it through the day without anyone noticeing the fangs. As he walked home, Lewis saw Greg. He was the assistant manager of Lewis's favorite comic store. As lewis was walking, a terrible pain assulted him.

   "AHHH!!!" He yelled in pain as he collasped to the sidewalk. Greg saw Lewis on the ground and quickly ran over to the kid.

   "Are you ok?" He asked as Lewis was in pain. Then, the wierdest thing happened, Lewis's shirt ripped, because he was growing a pair of red, scaley, WINGS! Lewis looked back faintly, and saw the wings. "What's going on?" Greg asked in confusion. Lewis was drained, but managed to get up and stumble away. "Hey, come back!" Greg called as he walked up to Lewis, who had tried to tuck his new wings into his torn shirt, but he just couldn't.
Hey, I saw the popularity of the TF stories, so I started this series. I'm aware of the fitness show of the same name, but I made this and then someone told me about it. I'm starting with Lewis, and there's a tie-in to Axion. Greg stone belongs to nuric. His stories are gender swap stories, so look them up if you want.
doomedfateaxion Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
So, this is my most popular story so far, with 110 views in 5 days. I'm updateing the story, with help from nuric.
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